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Experience - Holidays in Streklhof

A 4-star hotel with deep values

Committed to people. Connected to nature.

Family vacation at the Streklhof

We love people. You could call this our philosophy in a nutshell. Of course, we also have a somewhat longer version: "Pamper your guests as you would want to be pampered on your own vacation." Because your vacation is the most valuable time of the year. And with that, we have said it all.

Feel at home ...

When guests tell us that they feel at home or that it's like coming home, then we know we have done our job. This is our goal.

This has been the mission of our family in every generation. We want things to be casual and relaxed here. But also very personal. Each guest is a special guest to us. This is also something you should feel and experience. And maybe this is why we have so many regular, returning guests here at the Streklhof …

We love people. And we love nature.

Our top priority is to care for, and preserve nature. The Streklhof is a gift that nature made for us. And this is something that been understood by all generations of our family. 

Building on what already exists and thereby creating something new - always with great respect for nature and its demands - is very important to us. This applies to all things small and large.

We have converted from oil to energy-efficient heating from wood chips. Wood chips that come from our own forest! Regional products in the kitchen, environmentally-friendly cleaning materials, natural furnishings in the rooms, etc.

Our commiment applies to all hotel areas. Awarded the Austrian Eco-Label in 2010, we received the highest national distinction for environmentally-conscious tourism businesses. And we are very proud of that fact!

Decoration at the Streklhof
Comfortable ambiance in the Streklhof

We came as strangers and left as friends.
Source: the Knüchel family