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Experience - Holidays in Streklhof

Friendly and personal – the hosts at the Streklhof

One family, one team, one goal

We are not a very large team but also not a small one. We laugh a lot, we argue rarely, and we discuss respectfully. Everyone takes their job very seriously. After all, it is all about our common goal. And that is to make your stay here truly special.

Head chef Herbert
Gabi hard at work

Grandma Gertraud

The soul of the Tschernitz family. The good spirit of the Streklhof. If you think the breakfast is exceptionally delicious, you have her to thank. With a love for detail, she conjures up a buffet every morning that appeals to all tastes. In the afternoon, you will find Grandma Gertraud out on the lawn. She loves to read her newspaper there in a deck chair.


The driving force of the Streklhof. The daughter of Gertraud and Hans is the junior manager of the hotel. Since 2012, she has managed business at the Streklhof.  Brains, heart, passion, and perfection are her defining characteristics. And a great deal of love for dogs in general, especially her two golden retrievers Kimber and Zoe. Thanks to her, the Streklhof is a popular destination for guests with dogs.


The jack-of-all-trades at the Streklhof. Marlies' husband is a real family man. He sees a lot and he senses a lot. Maybe this is why Andreas is always available right where he is needed at the hotel. He discretely makes sure that everything works at the Streklhof. During the day, he works in forest management. He loves the woods. And in the evening, he is behind the bar at the hotel. He arranges the decorations throughout the hotel with a lot of love and a sense of style. And with just as much love, he makes sure that good wines are always in stock.


The blue-eyed sunshine at the Streklhof. Since his birth on 20.7.2009, he has enchanted us and won the heart of everyone. You might see Konstantin with his "work apron" on. He loves to help in the garden. And he loves to help Asim in the kitchen with washing up. 


The youngest family member at the Streklhof. Exactly 20 months after the birth of Konstantin, our littlest one came into the world on 20.03.2011. Benedikt's first passions are already quite clear: he loves tractors and timber trailers. His favorite thing is to ride the tractor with Papa. Definitely a child of the Streklhof… 


The communicative institution at the Streklhof. Whenever someone is needed, the sister of Marlies is there to lend a hand. Her hobbies include her two nephews Konstantin and Benedikt. And of course her dog Carlos. And when she is not at work, she buries herself in her books.


Our chef is not a family member in a conventional sense. But he really does belong to our family in every other way. Since 1983, he has wielded the scepter in the Streklhof kitchen, and some of his dishes are legendary. He is a friendly, humorous person and sometimes sits with guests at the bar. Our Herbert is conscientious, always ready to help, and very sporty. 


Adi is part of our kitchen staff since summer 2015. Our charming lower austrian guy is a perfectionist in the kitchen. In his leisure time he trains in the gym for his inner balance.


A member of our kitchen team from Croatia. Asim ensures the cleanliness of the silverware, dishes, and pots at the Streklhof. He is also our caretaker and an indispensable assistant to our three chefs.  


Asim's colleague was also at the Streklhof from 1982 to 2004. At an age of around 60, he is our oldest employee. His defining characteristic is exceptional dependability. As well as his good mood. No matter how high the dishes pile up in the kitchen, Stojan always has a smile on his face. 

Affectionately decorated hotel
Accommodations in the lush greenery

We came as strangers and left as friends.
Source: the Knüchel family