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Experience - Holidays in Streklhof

Family business for three generations

From a "summer retreat on the Wörthersee" to a 4-star hotel

The Streklhof in the old days

Marlies and Andreas met many years ago in school. Maybe because he was a year older than her or maybe it was his sparkling eyes, but he caught her attention immediately. Their paths separated when she went to tourism school. After she completed her degree in applied business administration, she returned home.

And there he was again, Andreas. It was not long until the two became a couple. They may appear very different, but there is a deep connection between them that makes them think the same. To the astonishment of those around them, they often come out with the same sentence at the same time.

After the birth of Konstantin in 2009 and Benedikt in 2011, the two married in 2013. Marlies and Andreas are fortunate to live in good times, but this was not always the case here. The history of the Streklhof is a very eventful one - and as it should be with family businesses, one spanning many generations.

How it all began

The history of the Streklhof

The name was first mentioned in 1497. The "Strekl" was referred to as a "Hubenbauer", the former name given to medium-sized farms of 5 to 20 ha. Starting in 1770, a tithe was collected from the "Streklhube"; this was a type of church tax. The connection between the Strekl and the Tschernitz name came about with Marlies' great grandfather Johann I. He took over the farm on March 2, 1906. Together with his wife Johanna, they ran the Streklhof. in 1908, Johann II was born. The First World War hit the family hard - Johann I died in 1915 in Ljubljana. 

The first and second Tschernitz generation

At the age of just 8, our grandfather became the "head of the household" and took over the farm, which his mother Johanna ran with farm hands and maids until 1931. On April 26, 1931, on the occasion of grandfather's marriage with Ursula, the farm entered into the joint possession of the young married couple. In 1931, our father Johann III was born and in 1937 his sister Theresia. After the Second World War finally ended, Aich slowly developed into a "summer retreat on the Wörthersee".

In 1955, the Streklhof started renting rooms to summer tourists. The family moved out their private rooms and slept in the straw in order to offer the guests more comfort. Grandma Ursula and her daughter Theresia looked after the well-being of the guests. In 1959, guests could also enjoy breakfast at the Streklhof. On May 16, 1959, Johann III, called Hans for short, married Gerti. She then took on the job of looking after the guests – and set new standards in this area. To this day, Gerti is the heart of the hotel family. Grandma Ursula managed the kitchen until 1970. As a trained chef, she conjured up products from their own farm into popular Carinthian home-style cuisine. After an unfortunate fall in May 2006, she said goodbye to her beloved kitchen. On September 8, 2008 at the of 97, she passed away. Grandpa and dad looked after the farm. 20 ha of fields and 20 ha of forest made for plenty of work. Grandpa loved his farm! You could always find him either in the stables or in the fields. And when the work on the farm was done, he entertained the guests.

Many of our regular guests still remember him. Regardless of how bad the weather was, he always promised our guests a blue sky. The daily "good morning" raise of his hat, especially on Sundays while headed to church with Ursula, has remained a fond memory for many. He passed away on October 8, 2003 at the age of 95. 

The second and third Tschernitz generation

Streklhof in Velden

In 1960, our father Hans began to expand the hotel. Each year, there were additions and renovations. This included new comfort rooms, outdoor pool, indoor pool, sauna, tanning booth, dining room, tennis court, etc.

In 1964, Gabi was born and 18 years later Marlies. Daughter Gabi worked in the customs service from 1985 to 2004 but sadly had to give up her position due to health problems.

Marlies earned her degree in applied business management in only 8 semesters. During the summer months, she worked as a managerial employee at the hotel. The tireless effort of Marlies is to thank for the hotel attaining a 4-star ratingin September 2008. Since 2012, she has managed business matters at the Streklhof with complete dedication. 

Hotel Streklhof in Velden
Lovingly arranged room in the Streklhof
Hotel with swimming pool in Velden

We came as strangers and left as friends.
Source: the Knüchel family