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Experience - Holidays in Streklhof


It feels like home ...

It's good here. I wake up with a smile on my face. A perfect day for a run in the fresh morning air. Clean with a little bit of humidity left over from the night - each breath is a benefit to mind, body, and soul. After a long, relaxing shower, you can head to breakfast. Delicious variety...such tough decisions to make. Do I want this or that? The choice is all mine. It's probably best to try a little bit of everything…

The bike tour on the Pyramidenkogel is fun for the kids. Even if they are at an age when they'd rather do something alone. Maybe it's the sensational view of half of Carinthia that you have up there. It's impressive and indescribable. 

... just like a vacation should be

It's time to chill by the pool. The sun can make you tired. Or is it simply the peace and quiet here? Which wine should I enjoy with dinner? The cooking is truly magnificent here. Tonight, they are serving Tafelspitz made from Nockalm cattle. Or should I order homemade Carinthian "Kasnudeln" made according to grandma's recipe? Herbert's legendary Kaiserschmarrn pancakes with stewed plums were yesterday's highlight. Simply adorable, fluffy, delicate. Enough to make your mouth water. Today for dessert there's chocolate three ways. What will that be like? The wine was perfect. And so was the food.

Now all we need is a breath of fresh night air. It's only 5 km to the town center. Just a stone's throw away by taxi. A stroll on the promenade, a drink. And maybe even meet up with some friends. Yep, this is exactly what a vacation should be. Feel at home and yet be pampered with every trick in the book. This is a vacation at the Streklhof … 

Friendly, personal, authentic, connected to nature - this is who we are